Beethoven Project

From his deathbed Ludwig van Beethoven exclaimed: “Handel is the greatest and ablest of all composers; from him I can still learn.” In his last years Beethoven staked out new musical territory, transcending the classical style by reaching into the past, infusing his writing with the stateliness and flow of Handel’s counterpoint. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the recitatives, arias, and fugues that conclude Beethoven’s magnificent Sonata in Ab, Opus 110. Obsessed with this late, great sonata, living composers Sidney Corbett and Harold Meltzer reach back to its phrases and proportions to translate Beethoven’s spirit into new creations. PROGRAM TO INCLUDE WORKS BY HANDEL, BEETHOVEN SONATA OP. 110 AND BRAND NEW WORKS BY HAROLD MELTZER AND SIDNEY CORBETT. INSPIRED BY BEETHOVEN’S MAGNIFICENT SONATA Op. 110.